2021 Game Design Calendar (PDF)

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12 months of game design goodness!

The calendar runs from January through December 2021.

And it’s chock full of the following:

  • Places to track weekly goals and accomplishments
  • Design challenges
  • Ways to track game design time
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Pictures of prototypes from BGDL community members
  • Marked off important gaming dates (conventions, etc)

BGDL Community Engagement

Everyone with a calendar will also have access to the monthly giveaway and leaderboard. Accomplishing different tasks earns you points which can lead to prizes.

And designers with the most points each month will be recognized in the BGDL community.

Featured Designers

The following designers are featured in the calendar:

  • Cat Drayer
  • Evan Gibbs
  • Scott Rogers
  • Jeremy Rozenhart
  • Paco Yanez
  • Piet van der Westhuizen
  • Dan Halstad
  • Aaron Egerman
  • Pauline Kong
  • Mitch Morris
  • Dor Sakal
  • Bob Whitely