Board Game Design Starter Kit

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A box full of everything you need to get that game out of your head and onto a table!

There’s an awesome board game in you, and this kit will help make it a reality.

In this kit, you’ll find everything you need to design great games people love.

Don’t let that game just keep bouncing around in your brain. Get it on a table so others can enjoy it! 



  • White box with sleeve
  • 120 cards and sleeves
  • 10 card stands
  • 20 blank dice and dice stickers
  • 15 large cubes
  • 50 small cubes
  • 5 large meeples
  • 25 small meeples
  • 15 discs
  • 6 dry-erase markers
  • Double-sided, dry/wet-erase board
  • Ruler with stencils
  • Plastic baggies
  • Lots of tokens
  • Fail Faster Early Playtesting Guide
  • How to Design a Board Game Booklet